You can change Lockbox code by navigating to the Listing and clicking on Edit Showing Settings > Lockbox & Showing Instructions > Lockbox Option:

Lockbox - Secure release via Schedulock Authentication - Once a showing/appointment has been confirmed, Schedulock will send the confirmation and a hyperlink to access the lockbox code via text/email. Showing agents will be asked to provide their TREB ID or Matrix ID to access the lockbox code for security purposes (highly recommended).

Lockbox - Code in Showing Instructions - If you are comfortable providing the lockbox information via text/email directly, you may proceed in using this option.

Smart Lockbox (Vaultlocks) - If you have a vaultlocks smart e-lockbox, you can integrate this with Schedulock to offer more security and dynamic hour based codes. Schedulock Secure release is a requirement to use the vaultlocks app. The monthly vaultlocks fee is discounted when added to the Schedulock platform.

NOTE: For every changes made, please click SAVE & UPDATE which is found on the bottom part of the page just to make sure changes will be applied.