How to add an online signature COVID-19 Disclosure form to your Schedulock Brokerage Account


If you currently have an existing online signature platform with docuSign, helloSign, etc, you are able to add this to Schedulock at no additional cost. This guide will help you setup these “links” to be added to the Schedulock platform.


  1. The first step is to determine if your online signature platform has public link capabilities such as Docusign Powerforms or Hellosign Link Templates. Ex. When creating one of these forms, it will allow you to select the fields that the signee should be filling out, as well as allow you to add their signature to the system. 


  1. You can view how to create a Docusign Powerform or a Hellosign Template on the following pages


  1. Once you have successfully created your form, you should have a hyperlink created, which will allow anyone who clicks that link with the ability to sign the form. Please send this link to We will then place this link on your brokerage account for all listings. 


Please let us know if there are any questions. 


The Schedulock Team










How to create a Docusign PowerForm


  1. Upload your document into DocuSign, and save the tags and workflow settings as a reusable template.

  1. Enable PowerForm usage on that template.

  1. Copy the URL link provided.







How to create a Hellosign Template Link

  1.  To create a template, log into your HelloSign account and click on 'Create template' in the left side navigation bar. Select the 'Create Template' option on the left.

2. Upload the document you'll be using as a template.

3. Create the necessary signing roles ­ if only one person needs to sign, then that is one role. Click +Role to add additional signers.

4. Click the prepare docs for signing button. This will open the editor you can use to set up the form. Select the text, date, signature, or check box along the left side of the page, and then click wherever you want that field to be placed on the form. You can drag the field around to reposition it.

If you need to fill in certain variable fields each time you use the template, you can do so with our merge fields feature or 'Sender' option when choosing who will fill out this field.

5. Once you're finished, you can save the document, give it a title and click 'Create Template'.