We have just released a major update which will help further automate the booking process involving COVID-19 signatures. 

If the online COVID-19 signature feature is enabled for the listing, the system will require the co-op agent to sign the form before any confirmations/approvals are sent out. 

Scenarios for when COVID-19 form is enabled:

Ex. Approval Required  - When a showing request comes in, the listing agent/office/seller can approve the showing, when they do they will receive a response informing them that we are waiting on the signature from the co-op agent. Once the co-op agent signs the form, the confirmation will be automatically sent to all parties

Ex. Auto Approve - When a showing request comes in, the co-op is automatically sent a link to sign the disclosure form. Once they sign the form, the confirmation is sent out to all parties.

Ex. Booked on MLS - The co-op agent is required to sign the covid-19 when booking on MLS. The appointment will go through the normal approval stages, but the form will already be signed.