You can change/update the listing availability by going to your listing, Edit Showing Settings > Showing Settings & Availability > you'll be prompted to adjust the following options: 

Required Notice  - The number of hours notice required before a booking can be made. 

Max. Duration - The maximum time an appointment can be for. Ex. 30/60/90 minutes. If you are looking to book an appraisal or inspection, this duration is automatically extended for these types of appointments. 

Max. # of Showings at once  - The maximum number of showings that can happen at one time. Ex. 1 showing at a time, 2 showings at a time, multiple showings at once. 

Notes to showing agents prior to booking - When an agent is booking online or if they call into the office, this prompt is given to inform them of any notes they nee to know before booking an appointment. Ex. Sold conditional, still showing. 1 offer registered. 

Select Available Showing Dates and Times  - You may change the default time to whenever the property is available for appointments. You are able to Copy the settings for Sunday to the remaining days of the week by clicking "Copy to all Days". 

In the event that within a week, you don't want to show the property on weekends or whichever day you like to disable the showing time availability, you may toggle it from AVAILABLE to UNAVAILABLE.

Time Blocking - With time blocking, you are able select a range of times that can be blocked off from the schedule. Ex. If Sundays from 2 - 4pm is not available, please select this time frame from the time block options. 

NOTE: Please remember to click SAVE & UPDATE which is found at the very bottom of the page to save your settings.